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This program was everything I hoped for and more. Steve Dark’s presentations were mesmerizing! He delivered what I came for. Chuck Downs presentation was unexpectedly eye opening. I will implement his suggestions in my life. I am excited to see the results that will undoubtably change my business and life.

-Craig Tibbitts

Considering signing up? Stop considering. This is one of those “I wish I had” or “I’m glad I did” fork in the road moments in your life and your career. Your choice now will determine which of those you say in one year and for the rest of your life.

-John Stone

As a young advisor, this industry can be challenging. The ideas shared from both Steve and Chuck let me know that my struggle is just part of the process. I need to push myself while also believing in myself to achieve the success I’m after in both my professional and personal life.

-Rafael Roca

This workshop opened my eyes to a new way of connecting to my vision.

-Celia Sandel

The mix of personal development and professional expertise was exactly right - personal drives everything and tying in actions professionally is extremely valuable.

-Dan Blum

This program has been packed with knowledge and tools to not only jumpstart the business, but to help me find my personal vision and purpose.

-David Crispin

Been through a LOT of vision workshops over my 25 year career as an FA and they have NEVER attached feelings to vision. I found this to be impactful, meaningful and have 100% confidence that this is a plan I will stick to. Amazing stuff!!!

-Matthew Griffith

The tools offered in this workshop has provided me with a formula and blueprint to plug into and create predictable growth and improvement.

-Doug Van Order

Epic Success Coaching is a great way to recommit yourself to your practice and your health. 

-Rodney Barber

Come into this program open minded. This program has reset my goals and allowed me to be vulnerable and open to new language along with connecting emotionally and spiritually with my purpose.

-Eddie Diaz

This is a great way to take a step back and reconnect personally and professionally.

-Jon Markos

Awesome content and renewed connection to vision and purpose.

-Dan Rosales

It is impossible to fail if you emulate what Steve does.

-Matthew Coonley

For us ADHD Folk, break up the day more haha

-Connor Silverstein

Great mix of technical knowledge about financial planning and opening up my mind mentally to work better and be more efficient. I am a junkie for both so this workshop really connected with me - The coaches are really great, top top people, looking forward to meeting with them every month for the next 12 months. Bonus—they are just really unbelievably nice guys too! - It was great to be in a room with a lot of other like-minded people. I feel that with the accountability that they are going to have, I should be an even better person in all facets of my life. They were big on improving every area of your life, not just our financial businesses. We talked a lot about our family, health, spiritual, and community improvement lives.

-Andrew Stauff

This program gives you a new perspective of feelings and training your brain to control our thoughts causing positive effects.

-Zane Dark

Great mix of breakthrough role modeling. Great producer w great mindset work. Powerful combination. 

-Tommy Schaff

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